Licensed Acupuncturist Anne Bailey  

ABOUT Anne Bailey
Anne Bailey has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Public Health degree and worked in clinical research at UCSD for many years.  She completed her Traditional Chinese Medicine education at the American Institute of Oriental Medicine and then had the opportunity to visit and observe at an East-West integrated hospital in the Shangdong Province of China.  In addition to treating joint and muscular pain, asthma, headaches, and digestive disorders, she particularly enjoys specializing in womenís health.  She divides her clinical practice between the Encinitas office, the Indian Health Council clinic on the Rincon reservation, in Valley Center, CA; and more recently the Desert Clnic Pain Institute, in Hemet, CA.

ABOUT Daniel Haun
Daniel Haun began his professional life with a Bachelorís degree in biology, working in environmental chemistry and molecular modeling. He received his degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1999. He specializes in the treatment of chronic pain and sports injuries. These include fibromyalgia, repetitive movement disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, golferís and tennis elbow, knee pain, shoulder pain, and back and neck pain. Heís also had success in the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, headaches, allergies, uncomplicated asthma, and substance abuse. He practices out of the Encinitas facility and the Desert Clinic Pain Institute, in Palm Springs, CA.

Licensed Acupuncturist Daniel Haun
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